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The Arcade
of the Future


The arcade of the future is here! We are making fun games and building an engaging ecosystem leveraging the power of ChainCade!

The Decentralized

powered by flux


Play games, interact with the community, complete quests to claim lucky boxes, and open them for various rewards!

Indie games with the added bonus of earning $ChainCade.

Big Ecosystem!

Be part of a larger ecosystem of players from both the crypto and gaming worlds.
Use your $ChainCade in the secondary market to get exclusive discounts on in-app purchases in all of our games.

Build Together!

ChainCade Games builds games for the $ChainCade token, together with the community.

Everything we do, we'll be talking to you about it.

Total Supply

1 Quadrillion (over 52.4% burnt 🔥already)


1% fee on transactions that gets redistributed to all holders, including the burn address. Quarterly manual burns 🔥🔥🔥

Community Driven

Launched in Q2 2021, ChainCade is a community driven project.
We've weathered many storms, and we're here to stay.

Road Map

  • And now
    (Q1 2024 - Q1 2026)
    • NetSpace:TCG card reveals started ✔
    • Quest and Rewards System launched ✔
    • ChainCade Store as alternative IAP ✔
    • Referral System for rewards ✔
    • XD point farming begins ✔
    • The Moonwar revamp
    • Play store and App store re-release
    • NFTs re-mint on Base (free)
    • Virtual Hangouts revamp
    • The ChainMan Change
    • Rewards in Feed on Farcaster
    • NetSpace : The Card Game
    • Xoroxian Dylithiums drop
  • Previously on ChainCade
    (launch - Q4 2023)
    • Public sale and launch on PancakeSwap ✔
    • List on CMC and CG ✔
    • Team and social media expansion ✔
    • MoonWar high-score giveaways ✔
    • Play to Earn launch ✔ (retired)
    • Founder's Edition NFT collection ✔
    • ChainCade Accounts and Login System ✔
    • Play to Win full release ✔ (retired)
    • VIRTUAL HANGOUT global access ✔
    • Theatre beta out ✔
    • ChainCade Community Hub Release ✔
    • NFT Gallery release ✔
    • Retroverse Jams for Indie developers and artists ✔

We Love

Find ChainCade here

Love creating fun things?
Make games, art, or music?
Want to help out in a more involved way?
Reach out to us.

Please note that ChainCade Games does NOT guarantee any future increase in the value of the $ChainCade Token. Owning ChainCade tokens should NOT be viewed as an investment.

ChainCade Games does NOT control the $ChainCade token.